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WHO Tool to estimate burden of maternal syphilis and adverse outcomes

World Health Organization

WHO has developed a new online tool to estimate the burden of syphilis in pregnancy and associated adverse outcomes using readily available data. This simple tool can be used at a national or a subnational level. The methodologies used in the tools have been reviewed and approved by the Child Health Epidemiology Research Group and used for the recent global estimates. An accompanying set of instructions is available to guide the user through the estimation process.


WHO tool (.xlsx file)

Instructions for use of WHO tool (.pdf file)

CDC Syphilis Treatment and Care Training

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Updated Syphilis Clinical Training (August 30, 2013):


Self-Study Module for Clinicians - A web-based training course designed to guide clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of genital HPV infection


Ready-to-use Module for Clinical Educators - A ready-to-use STD curriculum that includes faculty notes, a slide presentation, and student handouts

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